How to Rock Your Assessment Process Like ACDC

Mark is an experienced HR Manager with 10+ years of experience. He worked in many companies that covered various industries. The thing that always stuck with him as an HR Manager is that you keep inspiring your workforce and engaging candidates throughout the selection process.  

He recently got promoted to Head of HR with a challenging task to revolutionize the way they assess their workforce. The company he is employed in is looking for a way to make a breakthrough and become a market leader as a recruitment agency.   

He went through a rigorous selection process and even proposed some of the solutions he is going to implement, but there was a missing “wow factor.”  

Taking that challenge, there was something that stuck in his head. When he went to sleep, woke up, and sometimes at the breakfast table, one thought that kept repeating in his mind like a carousel: “How do I make this thing work?” 

An E-mail that occupied his attention 

While Mark was scrolling his E-mail inbox on the phone at lunch break, there was a message from the CEO Marvin for an urgent meeting with the others in the HR team tomorrow first thing in the morning.   

The purpose was a brainstorming session for their long-term plan of making exceptional growth for the coming of next year.   

Mark was about to leave early to prepare and write down some ideas for the coming meeting tomorrow, but another E-mail caught his attention. Usually, Mark has a busy schedule, but the headline of this E-mail intrigued him: “Assessing and Developing Your Workforce With SHL.”   

“I will look into this later at home,” Mark said to himself.   

What got in his way? 

When Mark went through a personality assessment, he described his behavioural preferences as someone who is, shall we say a “stability seeker.” He isn’t too keen on changing things or thinking creatively. Rare circumstances and situations need to occur for Mark to change his opinion and go for the big change.   

Something kept Mark awake at night, he forgot something. What was it again?  

Right out of the blue, he remembered: “Ah, the E-mail for that consulting company.”   

“I need to get through it right away, even if I will go to bed late.” As Mark got up, he took his laptop, and read all the benefits of Assessment and Development Center as a psychometric tool.   

Analytical as he is, he left no stone unturned.   

Some of Mark’s notes 

  • “You can use ACDC for assessing and developing the workforce of all levels in a company”  
  • “You can choose what exercises you will tailor in the assessment process”  
  • “You can properly plan development activities for your employees once they finished the assessment”   
  • “The exercises themselves are a valid representation of the real challenges employees/candidates are going to face in their job”  
  • “No matter what type of job was it, the exercises always focused on how well a person will perform in their future job role or if he/she got promoted”  

Those were some of the key things Mark was going to present tomorrow morning. But there was that pesky sense of doubt in him. His mindset.  

Changing his mindset  

As the conversation started and went on, there were a couple of heated arguments when Mark introduced ACDC to the picture.   

“We never heard of this methodology before,” said Catherine, another HR Manager  

“How will the participants react in this new assessment environment? We don’t have the data from our competitors using something similar so we can compare.” Marvin added.   

All in all, the meeting didn’t end well for Mark. That pesky sense of doubt of bringing something new grew to hurt his self-esteem.   

While he was driving back home, all he was thinking about is what did he do wrong.  

“I need to further explore my skills and abilities,” Mark added  

Then, an idea struck his mind. The solution was right under his nose all the time, but he didn’t see it until now.   

A new way of assessing and developing your workforce 

Immediately as Mark arrived home, he called this consulting company on what was the quickest date for him to go through the ACDC.   

At the end of the month, he completed the assessment and the results shook him.   

Immediately after the assessment was complete, he got his feedback, which is a first in his experience, and with utmost concentration, he scrolled down his “profile”  

  • Creative thinker  
  • Strategic approach  
  • New Ideas  
  • Big picture  

“What? Wait…how can these results differ from what I see myself” Mark added.  

But the second round of feedback was needed for a thorough examination of Mark’s results.   

With clarity, the assessor asked about Mark’s history of work experience, his approaches, and why there is a dissonance between his and others’ viewing of himself and the results.   

The final conclusion was that Mark had a perfect balance between thinking creatively and having a strategic approach, which is a much-needed mindset for someone in his role.  

Final takeaway 

Now it was Mark’s turn to schedule the meeting. He presented ACDC from his own experience which was the selling point, and little to say, finally, the others from the HR team were astounded, even Marvin.   

So much that the whole HR team and Marvin are scheduled to be next to come through ACDC. 

As the year has come to an end, Mark finally found his “wow factor.” Something the competition didn’t yet dare to tackle, but they were the first. And as time went by, their recruitment agency rose to the top, which was the goal in the begging.  

 What’s your unique success story?  

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