What Happened When This Company Started Applying Psychometrics? Results Prove It

Market & Merch is a company that excels in market research, and consumer behavior, and they help their clients manage marketing strategies in order to achieve their goals.   

They received a capital injection from an investment company, so it came time to rethink their current workforce and also hire new employees that will be fit for the challenges in the upcoming period.   

However, the HR sector had debates and countless meetings on:  

  • How to implement a successful and objective recruitment process for so many candidates,   
  • How to develop their current workforce for the upcoming projects, and most importantly  
  • How to make sure the candidates are a perfect match for their organizational culture  

No matter how much the HR sector had insight into their current workforce or how many years of experience they have in recruitment. Handling these three main objectives in a short time is a challenge they never faced before.   

Their Senior Recruitment Specialist had a solid background in psychometrics but never had the chance to implement it. So, he took the main responsibility for this massive project and contacted an external consulting company that is known for its renowned experience with psychometrics in business.  

What changed when Market & Merch implemented psychometrics in their recruitment process?

Because of the various projects in the upcoming period, they needed people that had different qualities. Interviews are always a must, but psychometrics is a must-know and have for the future   

To assure the positions are going to be taken by highly talented people, psychometric tests were used to measure different skills. Personality questionnaires using the well-known OPQ32 provided insight into understanding the role of personality and its impact on job performance.   

Other psychometric tests objectively measured candidates’ cognitive ability and aptitude (many of them are very difficult to assess during an interview). Some companies give case studies and that’s how they, in some way determine these abilities, but that takes a lot of time and extra effort. Psychometrics tests cover all that, and for a much shorter period of time.   

Revolutionizing the employee development program when applying psychometrics 

The employees that were already in the company needed support and further development too. Because of the ambitious projects on the horizon, the CEO saw potential in psychometrics and wanted to see which of the current and more experienced employees are most fit for promotion into Senior positions.   

The consultant company offered them an ideal solution – Assessment and Development Center. They focused on Leadership programs, so the new employees can have an engaging mentorship program when they start.   

Through real-life business situations and assignments, the insights that were gathered during the assessment process and through reports at the end of the process were invaluable.  

But one question remained unanswered. One that can be the downfall of any workforce. How to make sure the employees are on the same page when it comes to organizational culture? 

Predicting the best employee fit for the organizational culture  

Organizational culture doesn’t revolve around just onboarding, team building, etc. Organizational culture reflects your employee’s way of behavior, how they treat each other, and their soft skills.   

Every organization has its values that are one of a kind. So, how to make sure when you are hiring that those candidates are a perfect match for your company’s organizational culture? Or that the current employees are going to share these unique values with them?   

By implementing psychometric evaluation of their emotional intelligence, personality, and motivation. That way, everybody wins. The management and more experienced employees get the chance to share their unique vision and values of the company and the newcomers embrace it for their development and the development of the company.

Implementing psychometrics into your business will give you an edge ahead of your competition by offering objective and science-based approach to your most valuable asset: people.