Assessing and Developing Workforce with SHL

We are recognized for our unparalleled method for Talent Assessment and Development.

SHL has put in over 40 years of experience in delivering the best results in assessing and developing workforce, focusing only on a science-based and psychometric approach.

We deliver Assessment and Development Centers to hundreds of employees annually and prepare their development plans for the future

Our assessors are highly skilled professionals who challenge candidates and/employees through various business simulations and exercises that are relevant in order to understand how people approach and solve issues at work which will most probably be replicated once you hire them or promote them to a senior position. At the end of the assessment process, you get the value in:  

  • Detailed reports regarding qualitative and quantitative results that show overall their performance  
  • Insight into development areas of individuals and teams 
  • Understand how to increase the motivation of employees with high potential 
  • How to strengthen their commitment to the organization

Certification: We share this knowledge and love to see our business partners succeed

Because our HR partners have different needs and goals, we offer Certification training to anyone interested in the skillset needed to be able to design an Assessment or Development Center.

A training course that consists of in-depth knowledge of how to design and run and an Assessment and Development Centre. You can learn how to have an objective approach when assessing key skills and attributes that predict future performance at work. 

You will get access to our Exercises:  

  • Analysis and Presentation Exercises  
  • Role-plays  
  • Group Exercises  
  • In-tray/ In-basket Exercises  
  • Fact-finding  

Believe us, you can get your workforce ahead of the game, although it is very challenging due to the complex and ever-changing environment

The quote that demonstrates this best is a bit ironic: “The most constant thing in the work environment is change.” We can teach you how to embrace it and adapt to it by having a better understanding of the causal consequential connection between behavior and performance.  

How do we at SHL answer this? Assessment and Development Center either as our Consulting skill or Certification training for you offer consistent results that you can track with time. This way, we helped our clients navigate through the toughest times by taking care of their people and understanding their true potential.  

You can have your own Success Story. Let us know how we can help you achieve it. Contact us here

About SHL 

SHL exists to help you win. At a time of unprecedented change, we provide deep people insights to predict and drive performance.