Certification Training: Personality and Ability Assessment (PAA)

The Personality and Ability Assessment Training (PAA) is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPA). This training provides a comprehensive course for using personality and ability assessments in a business environment. The goal is for the attendees to gain knowledge of the professional and objective use of assessments in evaluating candidates and employees, as well as of the impact of personality on business performance.  


SHL is a leader in its industry – in designing and developing psychometric tests so that they offer the most up-to-date AI technology and predictive analytics, allowing our business partners to further develop their people and work performance in the modern business environment. Our methodology is unrivaled when it comes to professionalism and innovation in the talent assessment field. SHL Assessment Tools are based on more than 50 years of research and development and are world-renowned for their innovation, technology, and methodology, which is demonstrated through the numerous international awards that they received.  

Why attend?  

Our Personality and Ability Assessment training enables companies to increase their precision and objectivity through talent assessments and their influence on accomplishing business goals. The PAA certification provides companies with the opportunity of using all other SHL tools that offer solutions from talent acquisition to talent development.  

The course puts the focus on the SHL OPQ32 (Occupational Personality Questionnaire), the world’s leading personality questionnaire for assessing preferred styles of behaviour. The OPQ is a professional model of personality, created specifically for the business ecosystem. It has been rated with 5* by the BPS Psychological Testing Centre, which makes it one of the most reliable instruments for understanding and assessing preferred styles of behaviour in a business environment. The OPQ is designed to give clear insights into understanding the impact of personality in a business environment, as well as the role it plays in predicting a candidate’s success in a specific job role. The OPQ targets personality traits that can be directly linked with behaviours that correspond to the level of development of the competencies that make up our Universal Competency Report (UCF). This instrument has been validated in more than 20 countries, and in over 90 independent validation studies. It consists of 3 basic domains: Relationship with people, Thinking Style, Feeling, and emotions. These domains are linked with a potential fourth domain – dimensions which are the source of the energy potential – vigor, achievement-orientation, and competitiveness.  

Within the PAA course, we also implement Verify Interactive, which tests cognitive ability. This holistic approach to talent assessment allows for more objective and informed decisions about candidate potential and the probability that they will advance to more senior positions to be made.  

Course Components 

E-learningBefore the beginning of the course, the attendees gain access to the e-learning platform. The platform is very interactive and contains background information and industry best practice that will lay the foundation for live class learning. The pre-course activities on the platform should take about 8h.  
Live Class Learning The live class takes place over the course of 3 days. During this time the attendees will be able to gain knowledge about best practice techniques for using psychometric assessment tools with the help of a trained SHL instructor and business psychologist and receive active feedback.  
Post-Course Support Attendees will have access to our Talent Central Platform, e-learning platform, and the OPQ Practitioner Workshop which allows the attendees to further their knowledge in SHL psychometric tools and renew their license. 

Who is the training intended for?  

  • Selection and Recruitment Professionals, in order to more effectively assess the personality and abilities of the candidate 
  • Professionals that deal with the construction and development of teams 
  • HR Professionals, that want to increase their objectivity in assessing talent using validated psychometric tests  
  • Professionals who appreciate the importance of an ethical approach to identifying those talents that will be most successful in their job role 

What are the benefits of using SHL psychometric tools?  

  • Increased objectivity in understanding behaviour 
  • Equality and fairness in making talent decisions 
  • Increased productivity  
  • A valid way to determine training needs 
  • Reduced employee turnover rate 

9 – 11 september 2021.3 daysPsyConsulting an SHL Reseller Partner
Navigator II, Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1, Belgrade

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