Assessor Training

Assessor Training is an interactive one-day training designed for those who actively participate in Assessment and Development Centres. The aim of the course is for participants to acquire assessment skills in all types of exercises administered in Assessment and Development Centres through practical examples.


Who is the training for? 

  • HR Professionals and line managers that participate in Assessment and Development Centres as assessors or observers
  • Those who willl participate in Assessment and Development Centres, but have no previous experience with them
  • Those who have experience with Assessment and Development Centres but want to improve their assessment skills


  • What are competencies and how do they contribute to decision making?
  • What are the key parts of Assessment and Development Centers?
  • How is the ORCE method applied in assessment and what are its benefits?
  • How to objectively and effectively assess a candidate through different types of exercises present in the Assessment Center (including role plays, group exercises, analysis and presentation and in-trays)?
  • How to integrate information, make decisions and write a final report?
  • How to structure and deliver feedback?

This much less time is needed for recruiting and selection with the use of Assessment and Development Centres