Talent Development

Identify your employees’ development areas and make informed and targeted decisions about their development, so you can be sure that their unique skills and abilities best contribute to the organisation’s business strategy.   


of roles will require new skills and knowledge
in the next two to three years


senior leaders don’t think that their teams don’t have employees that have
what it takes to rise to leadership positions

A dynamic business environment that is subject to constant change implies continuous development of employees in order to achieve organisational goals. Research has shown that 90% of current roles will require new knowledge and skills in the next 2 to 3 years. It is up to organisations to identify these skills and enable their employees to develop them. Continuous development of the organisation contributes to: 

Increased Performance

Organisations and employees must be constantly evolving if they are to remain competitive. Identifying knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be relevant to certain positions in the future and developing talent accordingly will increase performance. 

Workforce diversity

SHL talent assessmenta are always objective and fair in relation to candidates, which means increased diversity within your teams, but above all, it ensures making the right talent management decisions, which make sure that the right person is in the right position. 

Increased Efficiency

Enable employees to play an active role in their own development through objective, personalized reports that give them insight into areas where they need development, as well as action tips on how to develop them. 

Expert consulting knowledge for all your development needs

SHL deals with development from different perspectives. Our solutions can be used separately or in combination with each other for the most optimal results, depending on the needs of our clients.

No matter what development challenges you face, our team of consultants will work with you to understand your needs and design solutions that will support your strategic goals through objective talent assessment and the possibility of personalized feedback for individuals or groups. 

How to make targeted talent development decisions?

The SHL approach to talent development is based on understanding the organisational context and the challenges the company faces. Based on this information, our consultants and business psychologists will help you find a solution that perfectly suits your unique context, whether your goal is to gain insight into the general development of competencies crucial to your business, digital readiness of employees, strength of your sales teams, capacity to work from home or identifying and developing leaders.

With a single platform, you can identify development needs while internally empowering your employee development teams by providing them with objective, clear and visually presented real-time talent data. In this way, you also enable employees to recognize their own strengths and discover areas where they need development, while ensuring long-term sustainability and agility through regrouping and relocation of internal talent.