SHL Portfolio of Assessments

SHL personality, ability and skills assessments are aligned with business outcomes and designed based on research. We are constantly improving them based on the latest business needs and technology.

Personality and Motivation

Starting from the context of the job role and the key competencies, personality and motivation assessments enable you to better understand the candidates and identify those who best fit a certain position.

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Cognitive Ability

Cognitive Ability Assessments provide information about the candidate’s potential to learn and adapt to a new position. That’s why our Verify cognitive ability test portfolio is suitable for all positions and hierarchical levels.

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Skills Tests and Simulations

SHL skill tests give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their skills while simultaneously providing a positive, interactive and modern candidate experience and aid your selection team with objective and measurable data, which will help them make the right decision.

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Situational Judgement

Situational judgement tests assess the candidate’s critical thinking and decision-making in business situations typical for a particular position. They are especially suitable for screening candidates.

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Job Focused Assessments

Job Focused Talent Assessments are designed to be suitable for different industries, job roles and hierarchical levels for key positions in the domain of Workplace Safety and Industrial, Contact Center, Service & Entry and Professional, Sales & Managerial.


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