Cognitive Ability Tests

SHL cognitive tests provide a superior approach to online testing that is enhanced by interactive aspects that provide the candidate with a completely new experience, and can also be done via mobile devices. These tests help you identify candidates who have the appropriate skills and potential to succeed in a given position. 

SHL Verify Interactive test portfolio

SHL Verify Interactive is the latest version of tests to assess cognitive abilities. In this way, the experience gained by the candidate during testing is improved. This is an interactive and relevant approach for assessing graduates, professionals and candidates for managerial positions. 

Verify Interactive tests are:

  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Supports early-stage assessment
  • Available in multiple languages 
Verify Interactive G+ – general cognitive ability test

This test assesses general cognitive ability. It contains a combination of questions related to three types of cognitive ability tests distributed over 30 items that have a time limit of 36 minutes.

This test contains: 
✓Inductive Reasoning 
✓Numerical Reasoning
✓Deductive Reasoning

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Deductive Reasoning

This test assesses the candidate’s cognitive ability to work with incomplete data and to devise a solution to new problems based on initial principles. People who have do well on this test have the ability to reason conceptually and analytically. 

Key parameters: 
✓Critical analysis during the discussion and ability to present relevant arguments 
✓Scenario analysis based on incomplete information 
✓Drawing conclusions based on the given data 

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Inductive Reasoning

Candidates are expected to come to a conclusion and to understand the relationship between different concepts. This test is relevant for the assessment of all levels of positions, and especially for those whose description includes the creation of new concepts and approaches, defining strategies, solving complex and new problems. 

Key parameters:  
✓How capable is the candidate of working with new concepts and approaches 
✓Ability to present arguments and give answers to “why” and “how” questions 
✓Solving complex and ambiguous problems 

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Numerical Reasoning

This test assesses the candidate’s ability to make correct decisions or draw correct conclusions based on numerical data. Data and tasks are applicable in a business environment. These tasks are more focused on understanding and evaluating data than on calculation. Individuals who perform well on this test have the ability to understand numerical data and interpret it correctly. 

Key parameters:  
✓Understanding relevant information in the database 
✓Relevant use of basic mathematical concepts in data analysis 
✓Drawing conclusions using numerical analysis 

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Numerical Calculation

This test measures the candidate’s ability to quickly and accurately add, subtract and otherwise manipulate numbers. Tasks include assessment, audit, and verification of results – critical skills for many roles in different industries. 

Key parameters:  
✓Ability to work on complex numerical problems 
✓Assessing logical thinking 
✓Ability to manipulate various numerical operations 

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