Skill test and Simulations

When it comes to technical and business skills, you want to have an assessment method that will give you maximum objectivity, but at the same time save you time so that your HR team can hire top talent! Our platform allows you to assess your candidates’ skills, no matter where they are in the world. 

Accurately assess knowledge, concepts, and practical application

Ask your candidates the right questions. SHL has a whole repertoire of questions that are recognized and validated by experts and you can use them to assess a candidate’s skills as objectively and accurately as possible in real business simulations. Ranging from IT, call center, business skills, you can reliably guide your talent management decisions during the selection process.

Virtually increase reach and save time for the HR team

Our skill assessment tests are automated, you can control test conditions wherever you are and you can assess hundreds of candidates simultaneously and remotely. Make your hiring process available to more candidates and allow your hiring managers to focus on converting top talent for your company.

Help the candidates show their skills

One of the most important factors that will differentiate you from the competition is how do you present your brand to the candidates who apply? It is important to point out here whether your selection process provides an impressive experience for candidates?

SHL simulations are built with state-of-the-art technology, including integrated coding and estimation development environments that are integrated with the AI ​​technology you can communicate with. Keep candidates involved in the selection process by providing the most objective and realistic opportunities to showcase their talent.

Technical Skills

Reach the efficiency of technical assessment with an accessible real-world experience and save managers time so they can more easily structure complex selection processes in IT, while providing a positive candidate experience with SHL tools to assess over 250 mobile, front end, back end, data science and many other technical skills.


Language Skills

Certain jobs require a high degree of expertise in the use of language in everyday communication. Whether it’s communicating with clients during the sales process, in contact centers, or during meetings and presentations, you need a tool that will assess your candidate’s language proficiency with maximum objectivity. 



Business Skills 

Although a wide range of skills are required for successful performance in a business environment, our assessment process of business skills consists of  tools that will realistically show which candidate is best suited for a particular position.

SHL’s portfolio consists of several assessment systems that will put candidates in realistic business simulations that validly represent the work environment and the challenges that come along with them. 

Contact Center Simulation

Measure customer support capability, including service orientation, problem solving, attention, navigation, typing speed, and achievement. Choose our simulations that are ready to deploy and available for multiple roles such as customer support or sales.

Contact Center job simulations are available for multiple industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities and retail. The ability to tailor it to your industry and needs is now available to you.

Coding Simulations

Consistently review candidates more quickly and reduce your total recruitment time with the SHL programming skills assessment solution. Our estimates are automated with AI technology, standardized and available for multiple technical roles, from DevOps and front-end designers to data science, full stack and more.