Job Focused Talent Assessment

Job Focused Talent Assessments is a specially designed SHL solution for key positions: Workplace Safety and Industrial, Contact Center, Service & Entry and Professional, Sales & Managerial. It is designed to be suitable for different industries, job roles and hierarchical levels.  

Job Focused Talent Assessments:

Are short and targeted

JFAs are shorter than multi-assessment solutions. They focus on measuring only those skills that are key to a particular job. They give quick feedback that is clear for interpretation and shorten the time required for selection all of which overall makes a more pleasant and simpler experience for both candidates and hiring managers. 

Are immersive and relevant to the job

They give candidates a multimedia experience during the selection process that serves to best show the brand and culture of the organisation. This not only allows the candidate to feel welcome, but also to get acquainted with the organisation and its role in it so that he can assess how much he fits into it. In this way, JFAs enable the organisations that use them to become employers of choice 

Provide fast, clear, and accurate information about the individual’s fit into the organisation

Upon completion of the evaluation, your recruitment team will receive an overall job fit score, which helps select the candidate who best suits a particular position. In addition, 3 reports are available that give a detailed picture of the candidate: Detailed Overview Report, Interview Guide Report and Development Report. The obtained result is directly integrated with many existing ATS software 

Candidates with that score high on Job Focused Talent Assessments are:


more skilled with complex customers


less likely to be late to work


faster at learning key sales skills

Workplace Safety and Industrial

Identify the best candidates for roles in production, in environments that require a high level of safety, a conscientious approach, and orientation to quality, safety, and reliability.  

Contact Center

Recognize the highest potentials that will provide an exceptional user experience in working with customers in sales, contact centers, through fast and reliable service delivery. 

Service & Entry

Identify candidates who show high potential for jobs that require exceptional service experience with conscientious work. 

Professional, Sales & Managerial

Identify candidates with the greatest potential for success and growth in professional roles and those who possess the skills to lead and motivate others.