Talent Mobility

The biggest constant in the organization’s business is change. The ability of an organization to be the first to adapt to major changes comes down to precisely defining the talents of their employees, mobility within the organization, and efficient management of business contexts. The variable that drives change the most is context.

Only 0%

of leaders in talent analytics report that their functions in the organization effectively use talent data to inform successful business

About 0%

outside the human resource management function believe they can use talent analytics to influence change  


say talent analytics helps them make decisions

Talent Mobility

Keeping a huge amount of data in order to make decisions efficient Talent Management decisions is not a one-way street. It usually involves understanding what is needed immediately, what the long-term business needs are, the gap between the business goal and the talent involved in meeting it, and how quickly that gap needs to be resolved. In other words, it is a two-way process. 
The traditional way of assessing talent in your company and determining who is ready for promotion is a challenging task. 
Subjective elements such as intuition or relationships between managers and someone’s work experience do not support scientifically based decisions about which of your talents are ready for biggest challenges. This can lead to low diversity in the selection of quality managers, poor results, and reduced employee engagement.

SHL Mobilize

SHL’s Mobilize Solution has been awarded a prestigious prize by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology for 2021. 
What separates Mobilize from other traditional methods is the depth of insight into current or hidden potential: 

  • High potentials 
  • Strategic Alignment 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 

All of the answers about an effective talent mobility program in one platform. 

What does our Talent Mobility platform offer you?

You can use our centralized platform to assess and gain insights that help you effectively implement a Talent Mobility program in your company.

Evaluate your workforce with precise, predictive assessments

We assemble the perfect suite of assessment and experience technology to meet every internal mobility challenge. Parameters include: 
Assess employees’ behavioral style to help predict success in a given role.

Discover what drives—and hinders—each individual’s performance.
Cognitive ability
Reveal employees’ reasoning, logic, and ability to work with information.
Capture experience data to enhance accuracy in your talent mobility strategy. 

Assess once to inform subsequent mobility decisions

Identify High Potentials 
Discover those with the aspiration, ability, and engagement to succeed.
Optimize Teams for Strategic Alignment 
Highlight group talent gaps and developmental needs.
Improve Succession Planning 
Build effective talent pipelines and uncover hidden gems.
Support Transformation and Organization Design 
Continually align talent as your opportunities and challenges change. 

Build enthusiasm and engagement that yield results

Help employees own their success through automated, personalized development reports aligned to company strategy.
Arm your hiring teams with the agility they need to answer any mobility question. 

Give leadership confidence that their internal resources can successfully navigate any future challenges.