What can we do together?

Whether you are planning a comprehensive assessment of your company’s existing HR processes or have a specific project related to talent and leadership development in mind – we are here to support you in creating and implementing agile solutions and long-term strategies for all HR challenges. Our solutions combine a positive candidate experience, state-of-the-art technology, world-renowned service, and unbiased science to identify the potential of your employees.   

World-class assessments

Personality, cognitive and skill assessments designed with business outcomes in mind.

Scientific Expertise

Our solutions are designed based on research and over 45 billion data points.

Global Presence

Over 30 million assessments a year delivered in 30+ languages in 150 countries.

Expert Guidance

Our team of consultants and business psychologists are here to help you make the right talent management decisions.

State of the Art Technology

We are constantly improving our solutions and designing new ones to be in line with the latest technology.

Engaging User Experience

We put people first. That is why we make sure that our assessments always have the candidate’s experience in mind.

Our products

Our diverse product portfolio is located on the Talent Central Platform. This cloud-based platform uses modern technology, while at the same time enabling our clients to quickly and easily gain insight into their employees across all devices and thus make the best Talent Management decisions.

Our products available on the Talent Central platform are also directly integrated into your chosen ATS software

We can:  

  • Conduct the process of setting tests for your candidates or employees on your behalf. 
  • Provide you with access to the Talent Central platform with all our products. 
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Our solutions and consulting services

Our team of experts and consultants will help you identify the best solutions that will help your organization hire and develop the right people for the right positions. We design a customized project solution for current challenges, lead the entire project process and implement an in-house system for the HR processes of your choice, with your branding and report designed according to your needs. 

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Our certification training portfolio gives you the opportunity to gain expertise in the field of talent management and become a trusted Talent Advisor. Knowledge of using SHL methodology and assessment tools allows you to make objective decisions throughout the employee life cycle and improve your business processes, while at the same time making sure that all ethical and legal frameworks are respected. 

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