Virtual Assessment and Development Center

Switch to digital and deliver a superior experience. We deliver Assessment and Development Centers to clients through a specilised online platform that maintains human touch virtually during psychological assessment, but with the added benefit of the most comprehensive human science in the world.

A new virtual solution for the overall assessment of candidates

Assessment and Development Centers are one of the most valid assessment methods because it allows you to get a complete picture of the candidate. SHL Virtual Assessment and Development Centers are the only digital solution for fast and efficient assessment anytime, anywhere.


shorter time for the selection and recruitment in global companies 


higher efficiency for assessing candidates for management roles


global customers rate our digital version as excellent

Replace the paper and pencil method with the ultimate experience of psychometric assessment

Effortlessly organize your Assessment and Development Center on a digital platform that delights participants with interactive content and a clear end process toward the most objective psychological assessment.

Assess people using the technology they use in the real world

Train people to show their true ability by simulating responding to professional emails, group exercises, client meetings, and more, with the world’s widest range of psychometric, personal skills, and cognitive assessments.

Gain deeper insight and get faster results

Accelerate the hiring and development decision-making process with automated reports and an unrivaled interface built with technology and human science on an interactive online platform.