Talent Management

The business strategy of any organisation is only as effective as the employees of the organisation are ready to implement it. That is why it’s important that organisations have an insight into their employees, their strengths and development needs.

Talent Mobility

Internal talent mobility has a positive effect on the organisation’s readiness to respond to changes in the environment using insights into the unique specific abilities and experience of employees who already work in it and thus understand the organisational context. The SHL Mobilize solution for internal talent mobility enables organizations to gain the necessary insights into their workforce and use objective information to make strategic talent management decisions.

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Talent Audit

To effectively implement your strategy, you need to know that you have the right talent to make that happen. A Talent Audit through assessments that have your desired business outcomes in mind helps you identify strengths and places where there is a need for development. SHL psychometric solutions are objective, fair while also providing a positive candidate experience, and are available from the Talent Central Platform.

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Talent Development

SHL’s approach to talent development is based on the unique context of each organisation – the challenges it faces, the desired business outcomes and goals. In this way, through objective, psychometric assessments within one platform, we support you in making targeted talent management decisions whether your goal is gaining insight into the general development of competencies key to your business, digital readiness of employees, the strength of sales teams, the capacity for remote work or identifying and developing future leaders.

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