Volume Hiring Solutions

SHL solutions for volume hiring transforms the selection process with a large number of applications at by putting candidates first and giving recruiters the most modern tools that use an objective approach and thus reduce the time required for selection. 

Our Solutions

All of our solutions are available on our Talent Central platform and can be used separately or with each other.

Job Focused Assessments

Measure competencies most relevant to specific positions with our ready-made solutions for key positions or tailor them to your needs. 

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Skills assessment

Assess the skills of candidates for different industries such as IT, Healthcare, Finance, Sales and others.

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Video Interviewing

Our video interviewing platform is much more than a conference call – it is designed to overcome the challenges posed by the remote selection process. Our on-demand solutions enable fast screening of a large number of candidates, and our live interviews provide a pleasant experience of evaluating selected candidates.

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In addition to these solutions, SHL experts have designed solutions specifically for positions in the Retail Industry and Contact Centers.

Contact Center Solution

Identify competent telecommuting agents who are qualified to work remotely and who will support your customers while leaving a positive impression of your brand. Our contact center solution includes: 

  • Contact Center simulation
  • Foreign language proficiency test using AI technology  
  • Realistic Job Preview
  • Video Interview

Retail Solutions 

Assess candidates in an objective and fair way for skills that are key to working in retail, even in times of turbulent change, as is the case with the pandemic, which has changed customer behavior forever. Our contact center solution includes: 

  • Job Focused Assessment  
  • Situational Judgement Test for Retail
  • Video Interview
Positive candidate experience 

Provide a branded, interactive selection experience that realistically represents the candidate’s future job role as well as organisational culture.

Identifying the best candidates 

Hire the best candidates by identifying those that best fit a particular role and organisational culture through actionable insights into the candidates provided by our predictive, proven science-based tools.    

Personalized feedback 

The first personalized video feedback on the market for each candidate will provide a positive experience whether you hire the candidates or not by putting them first even when a large number of candidates are involved in the selection process.   


Our solutions are located on a single platform (Talent Central) that allows instant integration with over 80 ATS software available on the market and thus allows you to easily implement the results and shorten the selection process.