Talent Acquisition

Recruiting and selecting those candidates who best fit not only a certain role but also your organisational culture is not an easy task. SHL solutions help organisations identify talent through objective science-based solutions according to previously determined success factors.

Managerial Solutions

Good managers contribute to the organisation in which they work in many ways, but SHL research has found that 82% of organisations fail to implement successful recruitment programs and retain these managers. Our objective psychometric solutions for assessing managers are based on identifying the success factors of future managers in relation to the requirements of the position and organisational context and thus help you identify those who best fit your organisation.

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Volume Hiring Solutions

Make volume hiring more personal for candidates with innovative, interactive solutions that will delight your candidates and provide your selection team with objective, clear information. Hire the best talent by identifying those who best fit the role and organisation with our predictive, proven science-based tools and specialized solutions for the Retail Industry and Contact Centers.

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Tech Solutions

As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, characterized by constant changes, the Tech industry is a special challenge for organisations. Hire talent that is ready to face these changes with the help of SHL virtual solutions for interviewing, technical knowledge and coding assessments and provide candidates with an immersive, interactive and innovative experience.

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Graduate Solutions

In the case of candidates who have just completed their studies, the selection is a challenge both for themselves and for their future organisations. This group of candidates is specific in that they have little or no experience, and it’s more difficult to predict their future work performance and behavior in the business environment. SHL graduate assessment solutions are designed with this in mind. They give graduates the opportunity to learn about the expectations of the position and your organisational culture, values and brand, while giving your selection team predictive tools to best assess them.

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