Tech Solutions

As one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, the race for top talent in IT is a major challenge in the selection and recruitment process, as well as their retention within the company.


The Tech Industry Challenge

How to cope with such demand in the IT industry? The solution is to provide an impressive experience to candidates during the selection process. As the IT world evolves and as new technologies constantly appear, it is no longer enough to look for outstanding technical skills in candidates, but it is necessary to single out those who show agility as well as non-technical skills 

SHL methodology uses AI predictive technology that not only evaluates the quality of the code but also its logical correctness so that you can better understand the candidate’s way of thinking. The mentioned technology can support you in the selection and evaluation of talents in the IT industry.


of candidates from the IT industry are considering two or more offers during the selection process

Technical Skills Assessments

Increase the efficiency of technical assessment with an accessible real-time experience and save managers time so they can more easily structure complicated selection processes in IT, while providing a positive experience to candidates with SHL tools for assessing technical skills in the mobile industry, front end, back end, data science and many other fields.

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Video Interviews with Coding

Increase your chances of finding top talent by expanding your technical range, without compromising code quality with SHL solutions.

Smart Interview with AI Scoring system where you can consistently evaluate thousands of candidates in minutes, with the possibility of a technical interviews on demand or Smart Interview Live video interview that allows you to assess the candidate’s knowledge in 50+ programming languages in real time.

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Coding Simulations

Consistently review candidates faster and reduce your total recruitment time with our coding simulation solution.

Our coding skills assessments are automated by AI technology, standardized and available for multiple technical roles, from DevOps and front-end designers to data science, full stack and more.

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