Talent Audit

A strategy does not work when you do not have the talent to implement it. Identify where you need your talent to respond to challenges. Assess talent in your company to your desired business outcomes and identify places where there is a need for new skills and talent development. 

Why use SHL solutions for Talent Audit?

As changes in the strategic direction of organisations become more frequent, less predictable, and more digital, it is necessary to monitor the requirements, talent needs and check whether current teams understand the new requirements and expectations that arise when implementing a new business model. Research shows that only 39% of organisations understand the potential of their employees. The SHL Talent Audit Solution is therefore designed to give a clear picture of your employees’ current abilities from the perspective of your strategy and future talent needs.

Talent assessment through rigorous, predictive, and proven SHL solutions that combine an objective and mobile-first approach with insights into your talent on a single platform – Talent Central, which offers different types of talent analytics so you can easily align employees with your business strategy.

Globally recognized methodology

Insights into what real talent looks like based on research and more than 40 years of experience in designing talent assessment solutions through an objective approach to human resource evaluation.

Unprecedented predictive tools

An extensive and diverse portfolio of talent assessment tools and reports, combined with a visual display that together provide a comprehensive action insight to manage talent strategy and performance-enhancing organisational goals.

External perspective

A global, external talent insight that allows you to create a clear picture of the existing talent in your organisation and that will help you make effective talent investment decisions.


Assess the preferred behavioral style of your employees and their strengths and areas for development to predict their success in specific roles. 

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Identify the factors that motivate your employees, as well as those that affect reduced productivity and poorer performance.  

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Cognitive ability 

Assess cognitive reasoning, logic, and ability of your employees to work with information.  

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Virtual Assessment and Development Center 

Assess talent remotely using a platform designed specifically for that through simulations that reflect real situations and problems typical for the business environment and gain insights into the performance of your employees. 

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360° Feedback

Gather feedback from multiple evaluators and make the best decision using multiple perspectives.

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