About us

PsyConsulting is a consulting firm in the field of Business psychology representing SHL in our region. As a talent measurement consultancy and Occupational psychology specialist, SHL operates in over 30 languages, deploys solutions in over 150 countries and maintains a presence in over 50 countries. Clients include FTSE 100 corporations, Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous SMEs and local businesses around the world. SHL has a huge market presence in the psychometric testing industry, and produce some of the most commonly-encountered psychometric tests in the UK and around the world.

In every second of 2021. at least
one candidate was assessed

As a global leader providing Talent Management Solutions, SHL has been present in Serbia since 2015. As of November 2020, PsyConsulting became the official SHL reseller on the Serbian market. With the valuable use of our methodology that enables the identification of employees with potential and their further development into leaders, our idea is to offer deeper development of expertise in this field that will further strengthen the HR sector in the application of psychology in the work environment.

What can we do together?

SHL’s science and technology maximizes the potential of your company’s greatest asset – your people.

From Talent Acquisition to Talent Management, we blend powerful AI technology, data science, predictive analytic tools and psychometric expertise in order to empower companies to create the diverse, agile, and innovative workforce they need to succeed in an unpredictable environment.

Whether you consider assessment of your current HR processes or you have specific talent & leadership management needs – our dedicated PsyConsulting consultants and licensed experts will be fully devoted in creating outcome-based solutions and long-term strategies for all your HR challenges.

Our Team

PhD Andrei Ion

Country Cluster Lead
SHL Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and The Czech Republic
SIOP – International Affairs Committee

MSc Kristina Jevtić

Business Psychologist
Managing Director

MA Alexandra Olteanu

Consultancy Projects Lead
SHL Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and The Czech Republic

Mirjana Tomić

I/O Psychology Consultant

SHL Facts

We have a team of leading industry experts

SHL tests are developed by experienced O/B psychologists and scientists. We use more than 45 billion data points and advanced assessment science to create our products.

We use scientifically proven methods

Instead of relying on intuition, the developers test our products scientifically, therefore we have proven predictors of performance and fit-to-role.

40 years of practice in research and innovating

We have been developing, testing and improving our assessments continually over many years which makes us a creditable partner in this industry.

Our products are tailored to your needs

We work directly with employers to create programmes that help them in specific areas of improvement.

We have developed advanced software and technology

Our technology integrates with clients’ existing platforms. This reduces set-up costs and provides a better candidate experience.

Value proven through client test usage

30 million tests are administered in 150 countries every year.