Personality and Ability Assessment

Personality and Ability Assessment (PAA) training course provides comprehensive training in the use of personality questionnaires and ability tests in a business environment. The training is accredited by the British Psychological Association (BPS) and led by an SHL certified trainer. 

Who is the training for? 

  • Selection and recruitment professionals in order to more effectively assess the personality and abilities of candidates 
  • HR professionals who want to increase the objectivity of talent assessment by using valid psychometric methods 


  • Introduction to psychometrics – what are the benefits of psychometric assessment in a business context? 
  • How to define job requirements from a competency perspective?  
  • What psychometric tests are there and how to choose the one that best suits your needs? 
  • OPQ32 SHL Personality Questionnaire and Verify Ability Tests – how are they interpreted and how can they help us predict future impact? 
  • How to calculate return on investment (ROI)? 

Followup Workshop: OPQ Practitioner

OPQ Practitioner Workshop is an additional one-day workshop for those who have completed the SHL Certification Personality and Ability Assessment. It’s held a year after the completed certification and its goal is to enable those who have started using the OPQ to gain deeper knowledge about the application of this tool in a business environment – free of charge.  

Who is the workshop for?  

  • Designed for those that completed the SHL Personality and Ability Assessment course, use the OPQ and want to improve their knowledge and skills and use it to its full potential for selection and development
  • Those who are certified for Personality and Ability Assessment, but haven’t actively been using the OPQ in their organization and now want to review their knowledge


  • What questions do you have about the OPQ after months of using it? 
  • How to use the full potential of the OPQ personality questionnaire using the information available through other assessments and thus optimize the process of selection and development? 
  • What are the reports that can be generated based on the OPQ and what is their practical application? 
  • How to improve verbal feedback in the context of selection and development? 
  • How to map competencies from the OPQ personality questionnaire to interpret them in the best possible way?  
  • What are the novelties in the OPQ personality questionnaire and how to use them in the best way? 


The British Psychological Society

The PAA course provides certification according to international standards in professional testing: a certificate of competence for the use of aptitude tests (level A) and personality tests (level B) of the British Psychological Association. The British Society of Psychologists promotes excellence and ethics in science, education in the practical application of psychology. Being a member of this society is proof of professional status and reflects the aspirations of psychologists in presenting the highest possible professional standards. 

European Federation of Psychologists’ Assosiations

EFPA is the leading federation of national psychological associations. It provides a forum for European cooperation in the fields of academic training, psychological practice, and research. Currently, 34 European countries are members of EFPA and they bring together around 200,000 psychologists, including practitioners, academic psychologists, and researchers. 


HR professionals in our global survey answered that they use personality assessment in the selection process


would like to use personality assessments in the future to identify high-potential talent